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Year of manufacture 2022


Create a fitness area or gym in your hotel and increase the attractiveness of your property!

Offer the best to your guests, equip your gym with iconic equipment and the latest technology.

We have prepared sample offers for hotel gyms for different areas.

We will suggest you the equipment that is currently the most popular.

We can also design your gym to match your hotel's decor.


Proposal for a hotel gym with an area between 200 and 300 m2:

-Cable Cross NPG P-Line

-Treadmill x 6

-Crosstrainer x 4

-Upright bike x 2

-Recumbent bike x 2

-NPG Air Bike x 2

-NPG Row x 2

-Olympic flat bench with rack

-Olympic incline bench with rack

-Adjustable bench x 2

-Smith Machine

-Rubber Dumbbells Set 2.5 – 50 kg with dumbbell rack

-Olympic bar x 2

-2 x Bumper Set (1 set: 2 x 5 kg, 2 x 10 kg, 2 x 15 kg, 2 x 20 kg)

-NPG Floor Rubber sports floor puzzle (100 pcs)

-NPG Roll Infrared massager x 2

-Weight stack machine Leg Extension

-Weight stack machine Leg Curl

-Weight stack machine Leg Press

-Weight stack machine Adductor

-Weight stack machine Abductor

-Weight stack machine Glute

-Weight stack machine Abdominal

-Weight stack machine Biceps Curl

-Weight stack machine Triceps

-Weight stack machine Chest Press

-Weight stack machine Shoulder Press

-Weight stack machine Lat Pulldown

-Weight stack machine Rowing

-Weight stack machine Back Extension


ATTENTION: The price shown is only an indicative price. Please contact the sales department for details and a final price quote.


The hotel industry is booming again.

We are traveling more and looking more often for facilities that have a fitness area.

Active lifestyle has even become a must in today's world where we spend most of our time sitting.

We take more care of ourselves, true to the motto "first impressions count", and can open or close the door in front of us.

The key here is regular training.

So even business or vacation trips are no longer a reason to stop exercising.

Wellness tourism has also developed.

Vacation and increasingly business trips are combined with organized activities led by a trainer.

Business meetings start or end with an endorphin boost in the gym or while biking.

Such meetings, which take place in a slightly different atmosphere than usual, more often end with a satisfactory result.

Many people associate wellness tourism primarily with spa treatments or yoga.

However, these can be considered unaffordable, exclusive and therefore too expensive.

For a hotel, these zones are in turn difficult to create and expensive to maintain.

The solution here is to create a dedicated fitness area.


Our professionals have a wealth of experience in the field of gym design.

They approach each job individually and with great cleanliness you can count on:

-Consultation in choosing the location of your fitness zone, gym,

-visualization of the planned area (planning and seeing... it definitely makes a difference),

-Support in choosing equipment and furnishings (depending on the size of the space, your ideas and your budget),

-Consultation on financing,

-preparation of shipping formalities,

-organization of transport and installation on site,

-training of your personnel in the use of the machines,

-Services both during and after the warranty period.


If you already have a fitness area or gym in your hotel and are thinking about making changes if you want to give it a second life, we can carry out the renewal of the equipment on your premises with the possibility of personalization.

The same piece of equipment is almost unrecognizable if you change the color of the frame or upholstery, add a custom thread color or even embroider the hotel logo.

We are a leader in remanufactured equipment, offering up to 70% off.


See sample visualization of one such gym:


About us:

We the Fitness Club 24 are proud of our 10-year company history. At the same time, we are looking ahead and continuously developing to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of our customers. A high standard by which we are measured.

We invite you to a journey in our company!

Always hundreds of fitness equipment in stock.

We always offer numerous used and new equipment at favorable conditions. Our offer includes fitness equipment of all kinds such as indoor cycles, equipment parks, home gym equipment, dumbbells, weight plates, aerobics, cardio, weight sets, accessories sports equipment and fitness items whether new or used. Browse through our offers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Currently over 3000 devices on a storage area of 9000 m2!!!

We look forward to continued good cooperation with you....


If you do not find everything you are looking for here, your questions and suggestions are welcome at our

multilingual - team always welcome.

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