Cybex VR1 set 11 strength machines, modern equipment from showroom, exhibition pieces - very good condition


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Cybex equipment pool consisting of 11 sports machines

This set consists of 11 strength machines and is sufficient for approx. 50-100 m² training area and is therefore perfectly suited for hotels, corporate fitness and company health promotion, practices, physiotherapy, schools and clubs, authorities and offices such as fire brigade but also for a large private training room.

All devices marked with * have plug-in weights.

1* Lat pull from above
1* Rowing with chest support
1* Bench press (chest press)
1* Shoulder press (shoulder press)
1* Abdominal
machine 1* Back extension
1* Leg press, sitting
1* Leg flexor, sitting
1* Leg extension, sitting
1* Abductors and adductors ( Combination machine 2 in 1 )
1* Calf machine, standing

Frame colour: White-Silver - Special paint finish with mother-of-pearl effect (Manufacturer colour: Silicon Silver) Upholstery
colour: Blue (Manufacturer colour: Marine Blue)
We can change all upholstery to your desired colour at low cost.

Condition: Showpieces from Showroom in very good condition, similar to new goods, B-Ware or Second Hand.

Of course you can also get the following accessories against surcharge:
All dumbbells, plates, bars etc. can be freely assembled according to your wishes.

For example:
2 barbells 50mm
1 SZ dumbbell 50mm
1 dumbbell rack with 2 rows/shelves
1 dumbbell set of 2.5 - 30 kg in 2.5 kg steps, cast or rubber
500 kg weight plates, 50mm, cast or rubber

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