WELLSYSTEM MEDWAVE - Massage in a new dimension


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For strong shoulders

The specially shaped mat, which ergonomically surrounds the shoulder area, allows the intensive massage jet to wander around the entire shoulder musculature. This results in an absolutely unique shoulder massage experience of the Musculus Trapezius, like no other above water massage device.

The new Wellsystem Medwave offers even more highlights. The puristic design with discreet ambience lighting invites at first glance to a holistic relaxation experience. While the user has the feeling of floating on the water, the pleasant massage feeling could be intensified by a new nozzle system compared to the predecessor model. After only a few minutes the body and especially the shoulders are pleasantly relaxed and the performance is significantly increased.

The new lying surface makes it easier than ever for users with limited mobility to get in and out of the car. A further innovation is the efficient cooling system, in which a choice can be made between cooling with water or outside air.

Technical data and dimensions:

  • max. duration of application: 45 min.
  • max. permissible body weight: 210 kg
  • Pressure strength: 0.5-4 bar
  • Water temperature: 25-40 degrees Celsius
  • lying surface: 2080x800mm
  • Weight of empty unit: 220 kg
  • Water capacity: 330 litres
  • Power consumption: 2800 Watt
  • Connection/fuse protection: 230-240 Volt/16 A
  • Connection for all commercially available control systems


  • ind. via the control element
  • choice of 5 different massage types: parallel, mirror, circular, parallel stroking and impulse massage
  • Massage area freely selectable
  • Control via massage programs
  • Selection of 6 integrated programs
  • Massage programs for chip cards available
  • Free programming possible: individual and phased
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