Vibration plate QIONIC pro Med


ID 236509
Category Vibration Plates
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brand wellengang
Condition Used (very good)
Location Dortmund, Germany
Year of manufacture 2011


Sell here a professional device from QIONIC pro Med in very good condition.

- Item no. QP0001190 PRO Med (Type: QION0003.0)

- approx. 10 years old

Depending on the selected frequency range, different effects are achieved. Starting with the training of the balance ability and coordination, over the improvement of the stretching ability, up to the increase of the muscle strength. An effective whole body training is achieved with only 10 to 15 minutes per day (2x/week)! The deep muscles are strengthened and improve muscle function, stabilizing the joints and reducing the risk of injury.

The vibration training can also contribute to the regression after pregnancy.

Treat your legs, torso and upper body to exercise!

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