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Climbing in the mountains, but completely without risk of injury is not possible? Yes it can! The so-called VersaClimber makes it possible. And it can do much more!

The VersaClimber is an innovative climbing training device that was launched in 1981 and promises an effective full-body workout with minimal joint stress. What makes this training device special is: it makes your body work contralaterally. Which means that your right leg has to work together with your left arm - and vice versa, of course. This way, it works your entire body and also targets muscle groups that you wouldn't reach with other exercise equipment.

The VersaClimber is available in different versions:

  • VersaClimber 108 TS Touchscreen model.
  • VersaClimber 108 SM Sport model
  • VersaClimber 108 SRM Sport-Reha model

How to use the VersaClimber?

The VersaClimber provides a highly effective total body workout and should be used carefully at first. It's best to feel your way in with a 15- to 30-minute workout and increase very slowly. This will give your body the time it needs to become familiar with the climbing training device and get used to the motion sequence.

Here's how the VersaClimber works:

  1. Stand on the pedals and position the handles by bringing them to your shoulder height
  2. Pull the pedal straps around your feet to ensure the most secure grip possible during your workout.
  3. Now use the touch panel to select the desired workout mode or press the QUICK START button to customize time, pace and duration.
  4. Now you can start climbing by extending your right arm and left leg upwards, then your left arm and right leg, and continue in the same way.

Climb like the pros with the VersaClimber 108 TS

The most technically advanced of the climbing simulators is the VersaClimber 108 TS. It has an integrated WiFi/Bluetooth touchscreen, allowing workouts to be recorded, saved and compared.

Thanks to the intelligent system, the VersaClimber 108 TS constantly learns more about its user and thus always records the current training progress. The free VersaClimber app allows users to create a personal profile and connect to the device using their mobile phone number. The completed work-outs are saved in the app after each workout and can be accessed there at any time. This can help you record your workout achievements and keep track of your successes. The following data is shown on the height-adjustable touchscreen display:

  • Climbed distance
  • Climbing speed
  • Elapsed time
  • Stroke length
  • Training time
  • calorie consumption
  • heart rate
  • *% max. effort

Specific product features:

  • Polar and Bluetooth telemetry for heart rate monitoring.
  • Regulation by hydraulic pump
  • Burns over 500 calories in 30 minutes
  • Works more muscles than any other machine
  • Easy on hips, knees and ankles
  • Variable resistance for total body strength
  • Supports "zone" training

Optional accessories:

  • Running Grips
  • Ultra arm extender (for very tall users)

The VersaClimber 108 TS can be used freestanding or wall mounted.


Since the company is located in Poland, the exercise equipment can be sold to professionals with net price within Europe. There is no value added tax on the purchase. Ask now and get your individual offer!

More about the VersaClimber 108 TS you can see here:

Country of manufacture United States

Material steel

Colo rblack

Weight (kg) 70

Length 122 cm

Width 122 cm

Height 239 cm

Screen type Touchscreen display

Bluetooth yes

Telemetric heart rate measurement yes

Resistance range up to 227 kg

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