Used milon Strength Endurance Circle


ID 227150
Category Strength Endurance Training Circuit
Shipping: Pickup only
brand milon
Condition Used (very good)
Location Neustadt, Germany
Year of manufacture 2009


Sell our milon strength-endurance circles from 1st hand. We have been working with it for 10 years and are still very satisfied.

However, we will switch to the new milon Q Circle in March 2020.

The circle is up to date with us and will be in use in the coming months and can be inspected and tested on site at any time. The levy will then take place in March 2020, when the new Q-circle will be delivered.

Compass consisting of:

3 x Club Bike

3x Crosstrainer

6 x strength machines: leg flexor / abdominal flexor / back extensor / chest press / rowing / leg extender

1 x water column with cup holder

1 x PC and card reader

The compass has been regularly maintained by milon and is fully functional. The pads and chip card readers were also replaced regularly.

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Sportzentrum Neustadt / Aisch
Alexander Grau

Eilersweg 1
91413 Neustadt


0160 / 94 84 33 28

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