Used Life Fitness Signature Plate-Loaded Front Pulldown - very good condition


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Category Back Workout Machines
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Brand Life Fitness
Condition Used (very good)
Location Żołędowo, Poland
Year of manufacture unknown


Life Fitness Signature Plate-Loaded Front Pulldown is a great piece of equipment to develop strength in the upper body muscles. The exerciser can move the machine arms independently, building strength equal on both sides, thanks to iso-lateral technology.


  • Intuitive-to-use thigh roller adjustment with a pin
  • Seat and chest pad that is slightly angled for better stabilization
  • underhand grip position combined with an overhead pivot allows  natural arc of motion
  •  Initial resistance: 0.5 kg per one arm of the machine
  •  Plate load capacity: 4/25 kg plates per one arm of the machine
  •  Weight horns: 4

This used machine is in very good condition, as you can see in the pictures.

Plate Loaded Life Fitness machines from Signature Series Plate-Loaded will enhance any facility, offering independent converging and diverging movements, and creating a natural training experience for the gym members.

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