Used Effective-Circle to sell cheaply



I am selling a cheap used hydraulic Effective compass.

The Effective Compass consists of 9 devices and a traffic light. Silver grey frame, poppy red upholstery.

The hydraulic resistance can be adjusted separately for each exercise in many small steps by means of adjustable dampers.

With the compass a time-saving training can be arranged, since flexor and extensor can be trained at the same time. So every target group can train perfectly on this strength endurance circle.

Suitable for individual and group training.

The Effective Fitness Circle consists of the following 9 machines:

1 bicep - triceps machine

1 lat pull - shoulder press machine

1 abdominal machine - hyperextension

1 Bench press machine - Latruder machine

1 abductor machine - adductor machine

1 leg extension - leg flexor

1 Butterfly - Butterfly reverse

1 knee bending machine

1 neck - triceps lifter

Frame colour: silver

Upholstery colour: poppy red

Only for people who pick them up themselves.

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