Therapy Circle Excio


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Category Medical Training Circuit
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brand eXcio
Condition Used (very good)
Location Moers, Germany
Year of manufacture 2013


Therapy circuit of the brand Excio due to studio closure. On each device two antagonistic muscle groups can be trained simultaneously.

Well applicable as a circuit training of groups but also very well usable as individual training.

The equipment circle consists of 6 devices:

Rotation Dimensions: L/W/H 140 x 76,5 x 138 cm; Weight: 84 kg

abductor / adductor dimensions: L/W/H 130 x 66/148 x 131 cm; weight: 74 kg

Leg extension / leg flexor Dimensions: L/W/H 127/148,5 x 66 x 131 cm; Weight: 84 kg

Crunches / Extension Dimensions: L/W/H 140 x 85 x 108/122 cm; Weight: 86 kg

Neck press / lat pull-down Dimensions: L/W/H 137 x 93 x 131/175 cm: Weight: 73 kg

Chest press / rowing Dimensions: L/W/H 130 x 100 x 131 cm; Weight: 76 kg

Rotation Dimensions: L/W/H 140 x 76,5 x 138 cm; Weight: 84 kg

All machines are equipped with a control display. There you can change the force settings easily and directly by pressing a button.

including control lamp for optimal training duration and chip cards for storing the training data.

Can be picked up immediately. Fully functional.

No return, no warranty.

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Nexxteps GmbH
Michael Höffken

Rathausallee 146
47445 Moers




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