Tanita Body Analysis Scale MC-780 Space Grey


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Category Body Composition Scale
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brand Tanita
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Location München, Germany
Year of manufacture 2019


3 frequencies - measurement of the segmental body composition in seconds


- Body fat (%)

- Fat mass (kg)

- Grease-free mass (kg)

- Muscle mass (kg)

- Total body water (%)

- Extracellular water (kg)

- Intracellular water (kg)

- Body Mass Index

- Bone mass (kg)

- Determination of the body structure

- Classification of visceral fat

- ECW/TBW ratio

- Basal metabolic rate kcal

- phase angle

- basal metabolic rate indicator

- metabolic age

- Segment readings for each leg, arm and torso:

Fat percentage (%), fat distribution evaluation, muscle mass evaluation,

Muscle mass (kg), muscle mass balance, leg muscle value,

Body fat distribution and reactance/resistance


- Uses non-invasive multi-frequency measurement with 8 electrodes for bioelectrical impedance analysis

- Output to a PictBridge printer, with detailed assessment sheet

- Maximum weighing capacity 270 kg x 0.1 kg

- USB port

- SD card for easy data storage

- Low weight and easy to disassemble and transport

- Approved according to MDD, NAWI class III

1. multifrequency segment body composition monitor - 3 frequencies provide very accurate whole body and segment measurements.

2. user-friendliness - the interactive console provides instructions for entering personal data, which can be done without the help of a specialist. The console can be turned upside down so that the data is not visible, or when used by very corpulent people.

The double LCD display clearly shows the measured values of the body analysis.

4. the integrated SD card device allows automatic data acquisition and downloading of data as required.

5. continuous measurement data for each customer can be recorded using the customer ID function. It can also be used to easily compile large amounts of data for research studies.

The consultation sheet can be printed directly after the measurement for further discussion on a Pictbridge printer connected to the MC780.

The MC780MA is compatible with the GMon Health Monitor software and enables database management and progress reporting.

8 Modular 3-component system for uncomplicated installation and maintenance and easy transport.

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5 years warranty

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