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Category Disinfectant / Disinfection dispenser
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brand Steripower
Condition New
Location Starnberg, Germany
Year of manufacture 2019


STERIPOWER from Starnberg, founded in 2003, is manufacturer of the first contactless hand disinfection device. Our company goal is to improve hygiene in all areas of life decisively. Hand hygiene in connection with Steripower devices is increasingly finding its way into companies (e.g. Deutsche Telekom, AXA) on cruise ships (e.g. TUI, AIDA), supermarkets (e.g. EDEKA, Kaufland), major events (e.g. Oktoberfest, Wacken) or public WC facilities (e.g. Sanifair, shopping malls).

But also in more and more areas of the hotel business, as well as in wellness and fitness facilities, our products are increasingly used in the guest area to give the guests a safe (hygiene) feeling, whether in the entrance area, in the bistro area, in the changing room or after leaving the toilet rooms.

The Steripower family now includes a large number of products for use in various areas. Whether mobile or permanently installed, compact or for large containers, individualized or standard, the devices are popular because of their high quality, reliability and simple, fast and therefore safe application. At the latest since the swine flu most people know how important hand hygiene is. After all, 80% of infections are transmitted via the hands.

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The most important features at a glance:

  • Sensor: Activates a spray stroke with the set application quantity when holding the hands underneath.
  • Mains or battery operation: Flexible positioning through mains or battery operation
  • Large opening: Simultaneous disinfection of both hands
  • Precise dosage: application quantity individually adjustable in 10 steps: 0.5 - 5 ml
  • Compatibility: with all liquid hand disinfectants
  • Wide spray cone: wets both hands without nebulization
  • Collecting tray: Absorption of excess liquid
  • Signaling (optional): Electronic signal e.g. for automatic doors, turnstiles, etc.
  • Counter (optional): counts usage and displays dosage
  • Cloth dispenser and waste bin: disinfectant cloth dispenser and integrated waste bin


85000 with cloth dispenser
86000 without cloth dispenser

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Steripower GmbH & Co. KG
Axel Poschner

Gautinger Str. 1c
82319 Starnberg


08151 555 1516