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The more efficiently your body moves, the easier you can perform well - and avoid injuries.

DIE LAUFSCHULE helps you to run healthier and faster and brings you to a higher level of agility, health and speed.

First of all, we analyse your running style in a comprehensive entrance test with the latest measuring and video technology, do speed, reaction and jump tests and analyse existing movement patterns. Weak points will be uncovered.

We work with you on your running technique, design your individual training plan and help you to eliminate weak points.

Already with only 6 training units we optimize your own running style!

Through our personal coaching you will learn an efficient running technique.

We develop a program tailored to your needs with technical elements, strengthening and speed exercises.

You will receive from us:

Detailed functional motion analysis

Professional running technique video analysis

Individual training planning

Neuro Muscular Training

running technique training

speed coaching

Run/triathlon specific nutritional advice

DIE LAUFSCHULE shows you how you can develop even more power. In almost every sport, in a team or individually!

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