Proxowell circuit, Corecircuit, 8 devices, year 2012


ID 233321
Category Strength Endurance Training Circuit
Shipping: Pickup only
brand proxomed
Condition Used (refurbished)
Location Düsseldorf, Germany
Year of manufacture 2012


Our hydraulic Proxowell compass with 8 machines is in good condition, the dampers have been replaced in the last six months.

The following 8 strength machines are sold:

- Leg Extension & Calves; Links

- Leg Extension & Calves; Right

- Squat r (Squat)

- Abductors and Adductors

- Abdominal machine / back extensors

- Shoulder press / lat pulldown

- Butterfly / Butterfly Reverse

- Chest Back / Rowing Machine

- 4 Jogging Plates

- 4 Stepper

The machines always work in both directions of movement and thus enable an efficient workout.

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Antonia Wallerath

40625 Düsseldorf



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