Premium GroupFitness-Studio (Metropolregion Nürnberg) - Here a dream can be realized!



Return on sales of 13.6 %, no debts, minimum leasing
liabilities approx. 350 sqm; 2 course rooms, 2 changing rooms, small equipment area Lease
contract ends in 2019, optionally extendable
Rooms and equipment very well maintained, no renovation
backlog of healthy and stable customer base, contracts between 12 and 24 months monthly
contribution on average 47.00 €

Excellent for beginners who want to take over a very well-running studio with a well-rehearsed team.
Trainer contacts, functioning marketing (website, AdWords, social media, corporate design, content) included!

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Rainer Lock
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Nutzungstr. 21 Nutzungstr. 21