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Intenza 550Te2 Treadmill - Entertainment Series.

Designed with great attention to form and function, the award-winning Intenza 550 Series treadmill combines the durable beauty of aluminum elements with indispensable technology to create the best running experience.

Exercisers marvel at the stable, spacious workout experience on an Intenza treadmill, while operators love the easy maintenance and sleek, high-quality look it adds to their facility.

Endurance isn't just for exercise. Endurance is required for the exercise equipment itself. Commercially, treadmills are often used relentlessly in less than ideal conditions. The value of a quality treadmill lies in its ability to withstand heat, humidity, and repetitive strain day after day while always looking its best.

That's endurance. That's value. That's the 550Te.

The 550Te's reversible, wax-impregnated deck provides over 4000 hours of maintenance-free performance

The 2.5-mm belt is pre-waxed, simplifying setup and maintenance

Upright aluminum posts maintain the premium look of the equipment and your facility by resisting rust and corrosion, even in humid environments

Industrial-grade 4 horsepower motor provides continuous power supply

The motor reaches a top speed of 25 km/h and a 15% incline.

Dimensions L x W x H: 215 x 96 x 154 cm

Entertainment series

Complete your workout with Intenza's Entertainment Series and enjoy more than just a stimulating cardio workout. Our e-Series consoles offer unique solutions through InCare™ self-diagnostic software that automatically notifies our InCare™ support team when attention is needed, and entertainment through Intenzacast™ that streams digital content from iOS or Android devices.

With Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity, Intenza's 19-inch touchscreen e-Series console provides a highly connected, thoroughly engaging experience that gives exercisers seamless access to entertainment, social media, workout apps and more.

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