MILON Premium Strength Endurance Training Circuit incl. Milonizer and Trainer Workstation



We offer a used Milon Strength Endurance Circle from a physio/fitness practice.

The circle was put into operation in April 2016 and has been closed since Dec. 2018.

The housing colour is white/gloss, without damage. All in all the compass is in a very good condition.

The circle consists of:

3x cardiobike; 3x crosswalker; 1x back trainer; 1x abdominal trainer; 1x knee flexor; 1x knee extensor; 1x bench press; 1x rowing;

It also includes a milonizer, a scanner for the trainee to determine the basic settings, and a trainer workstation to process and control the training plans.

The list price of the plant is approx. 140,000 EUR net.

In case of a shipping request, the shipping costs would still have to be clarified with a local forwarding agent.

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