Medical BIA body analysis secaTRU 552


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Experience the medically validated body composition analysis from the world leader in medical measurement and weighing.

Many gym members or patients find it difficult to start training or to stay on the ball regularly. Here, the secaTRU can be used to provide an important step towards understanding (sarcopenia) so that people understand that muscle training is without alternative. The secaTRU is worth its weight in gold, especially for the transfer to the self-pay sector.

If we talk about the success of the customer, then we must of course also make success documentable and visible. Especially at this point it is important to lead people to the realization - especially if you know that the musculature is closely connected to the immune system and the defense forces. However, the decisive factor here is whether you use a BIA technology that is reproducible, meets the gold standard and ultimately, if you carry out measurements regularly in the future, delivers valid values time and time again. This is exactly what the secaTRU does and therefore leads to high acceptance by the employee.

Here are some of the advantages of the secaTRU mBCA:

- Graphical processing of measurement results to increase customer knowledge and motivation

- Qualitative and fine-tuned advice based on precise parameters

- Medical validation on the current medical gold standard

- Reliable service and software support from Hamburg

- Segmental measurement of all extremities and the torso

- High reproducibility of measurement results with 97% accuracy

- High motivation due to precise progression measurement

- Product "made in Germany

Here are two more great customer statements:

The seca cloud service and software license including all updates is €69.00 net per month. This saves many hours of work through fast onboarding and, by the way, the sensitive customer data is secure on the medical platform within the framework of the current DSGVO.

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