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brand Matrix Fitness
Condition Used (very good)
Location Bielsko Biała, Poland
Year of manufacture 2015


About us:

Fitness Club 24 is the undisputed leader in the sales of professional pre-owned fitness equipment.

In our warehouse, which is over 10000 m2, you will find everything that helps with Your fitness business.

In stock, we have a wide range of used, refurbished and new fitness equipment. Both cardio and strength

machines are always at fair prices.

Why second-hand gym equipment?

We understand that our customers want to save money, so we offer refurbished fitness equipment at bargain


What makes us different!

We don't promise - we really refurbish

We allow our customers to personalize their order according to their individual requirements,

Fitness Club 24 is the undisputed leader of supplying it’s clients from A to Z.

Fitness Club 24 is the biggest on the Polish market and one of the biggest in Europe,

We have over 12 years of experience,

We have more than 10 000 m2 of a warehouse full of commercial fitness equipment,

Our customers can save up to 70% of the new equipment prices,

Currently, we employ around 100 qualified workers.

You don't have to look anywhere else - just trust our professionalism and experience!

Regardless of you are domestic of commercial user - you've come to the right place. For sure we will help you.



We have the following equipment available:

78 x MATRIX G3 and MATRIX MAGNUM: cardio machines, strength machines, and benches

- set of Matrix

Available cardio machines:

18 x MATRIX T3x treadmill

5 x MATRIX U5x upright bike

5 x MATRIX R5x recumbent bike

10 x MATRIX E3x cross trainer

1 x MATRIX S5x stepper.

Available strength machines:

1 x MATRIX G3 Abdominal Crunch

1 x MATRIX G3 Abductor

1 x MATRIX G3 Adductor

7 x MATRIX G3 Adjustable Bench

1 x MATRIX G3 Arm Curl

1 x MATRIX G3 Arm Extension

1 x MATRIX G3 Chest Press

1 x MATRIX G3 Chin Dip Assist

1 x MATRIX G3 Converging Chest Press

1 x MATRIX G3 Converging Shoulder Press

1 x MATRIX G3 Crossover Cable Machine

1 x MATRIX G3 Diverging Seated Row

1 x MATRIX G3 Functional Trainer

1 x MATRIX G3 Hyperextension Bench

1 x MATRIX G3 Lat Pull

1 x MATRIX G3 Leg Extension

2 x MATRIX G3 Lower Back

1 x MATRIX G3 Olympic Decline Bench

1 x MATRIX G3 Olympic Flat Bench

1 x MATRIX G3 Olympic Incline Bench

1 x MATRIX G3 Row

1 x MATRIX G3 Seated Leg Curl

1 x MATRIX G3 Shoulder Press

1 x MATRIX G3 Smith Machine

2 x MATRIX G3 Squat Rack

1 x MATRIX Krankcycle

1 x MATRIX MAGNUM Chest Press


1 x MATRIX MAGNUM Seated Calf

1 x MATRIX MAGNUM Seated Row

1 x MATRIX MAGNUM Shoulder Press.



Condition: USED - cleaned & serviced

In the cleaning and service process, each item undergoes a multi-point inspection.

In the course of this process, each item has been thoroughly cleaned, serviced and tested by our technician

and will be in full working condition. All wear parts of the machine have been checked and tested for defects

and will be fully functional. A single item may have some cosmetic imperfections.

Price per unit exclusive of VAT.




SHIPPING QUOTES are available by providing the name of your town and zip code.

We ship by trucking company freight and provide curbside delivery.

Prices are determined by the weight, size, quantity and zip code of the shipment.



In the photo gallery, there is a link to a short film about our company.

See how we work, how the regeneration process of fitness equipment looks like.

Find out what departments we have, what you will find in our magazines, how we can help you and what

the atmosphere is like at Fitness Club 24.




In case of any inquiries, please give us a call or send an e-mail.

Martin Himmel (I speak Deutsch & English)


Tel: +4915290069709


Piotr Janas:

Tel: +49 15290016072 (I speak Deutsch)



Marcin Jedrzejko:


Tel: +48 664154741 ( I speak English, Italiano)


Grzegorz Dunat


Tel: +48881203297 ( I speak English)


Robert Bacia


Tel: + 49 1529 0001 007 (I speak Deutsch, Spanisch & Englisch)


Gracjan Białoń


Tel: +48 533-337-566 (I speak Englisch)

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Fitness Club 24 Sp. z o.o.
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