Life Fitness 95R Recumbent Bike with Discover Si Console ~ Software Update ~ Studio Logo ~ 19Inch ~ General Overhauled ~ 0% Financing for Studios


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We at Globe-IQ GmbH have specialised in the general overhaul of machines of the brand manufacturer Life Fitness. Our machines are approx. 2-3 years young and come from insolvencies or leasing returns worldwide. They are only generally overhauled by specialists after the customer has ordered them. We can fall back on years of experience of trained technicians.

Life Fitness 95R Recumbent Bike with Discover Si console

Length: 165 cm
Width: 69 cm
Height: 135 cm
Maximum user weight: 181 kg
Resistance level: 26
19 inch display
24 months warranty
Console without WIFi (optional)
TV tuner for DVBT II (optional)
incl. interactive tracks
incl. latest software (no HD, no Se3)

Maximum versatility thanks to the new Discover console

Your favorite websites, TV programs, and unique training programs ensure a unique training experience on the Life Fitness Recumbent Bike Discover SE. The tablet console keeps you informed about important training data even during entertainment.

You can surf the web while training, watch your favorite TV show, use your smartphone's media (compatible with Apple and Android), or master the exciting, interactive Lifescape trails (resistance adapts to terrain profile). The speedometer view is available for all those who want to focus completely on their detailed training data.

Further offer details:

the Discover SE consoles will be renewed
before delivery we can display an existing studio logo on the Discover start screen using the latest programming technology
0% financing for studios
the condition is as good as new as it is exhibits
before delivery the latest SE 3 software upgrade will be installed
a general overhaul is therefore not necessary high
quality Cardio machines from Life Fitness
giant 19 inch LCD monitor with touch
screen TV (TV integrated), surf the Internet (Ethernet or WLAN connection)
monitor protection: protective top layer, internal shock protection, secure sealing

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