Hydrojet Wellsystem Medical_Plus - dry water massage 1 year waranty


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Category Massage Table
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Brand JK Product
Condition Used (very good)
Location Siebenbach, Germany
Year of manufacture 2015


Available from Dec 2018, 1 year warranty! Description Wellsystem Medical Plus - Versatile in therapy and prevention

Wellsystem Medical_Plus offers with the treatment concept overwater massage the optimal supplement of your practice offer for effective patient loyalty. Therapeutic full or partial body massage with targeted water power - without changing clothes and subsequent showering.
Wellsystem Medical_Plus loosens the muscles, e.g. in case of tension and cramps.

→ Pleasant warmth activates the entire metabolism.
→ A top IGeL for many indications!

Indications (excerpt):
- Back and joint
pain - Muscular
tensions - Muscular imbalances
- Stress-related muscular tensions
- Cervical migraine
- Slight forms of fibromyalgia
- Muscular fatigue
- Reversible dysfunctions of the spine
- Cervical and thoracic spine syndrome, lumbar syndrome

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