gym80 hydraulic circuit, Circular Series, 9 machines, silver, new cushions brown, used - refurbished, good condition


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brand gym80
Condition Used (very good)
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Gym80 Hydraulic Compass, MPG - Circular Series, Silver Color

This fitness circle with 9 machines covers all large muscle groups in the human body. The power compass always works in two directions (protagonist and antagonist) thanks to a hydraulic system and thus enables an effective and fast training. No weights are needed and the training feeling is very gentle and gentle on the joints. A light column/traffic light can be used to control the training in circular mode. 20-30 minutes of training, 2-3 times a week are already sufficient for many people to noticeably strengthen the entire musculature, even in advanced age! The devices are in a good used condition and will be completely optically and technically overhauled before delivery. The compasses all come with new brown pads with white Circular logo. All shock absorbers were replaced by Gym80 2-3 years ago and replaced by the new shock absorber technology. This enables the load to be set separately for forward and backward movement. In general, the resistance can be easily adjusted in 6 steps. At levels 5 and 6, the devices have enough resistance that even men can train on the compass. The Technogym Easy-Line units, for example, are equipped with significantly weaker hydraulic dampers. Get now this great compass from the German manufacturer Gym80. The devices meet the requirements of the Medical Devices Act MPG and can therefore also be used for medical-therapeutic training. Inspection of the devices in our warehouse is possible and desired at any time!

The following 9 sports equipment are available in the Circular

Rowing and bench
press Adductors and abductors
Leg curl and leg extension
Lat pull and shoulder press
Back and abdomen Rotation
Butterfly and butterfly Reverse
biceps and triceps
Leg press

Frame colour: Silver
Upholstery colour: Brown (very good condition)
Upholstery with studio logo will be replaced by new ones!

Condition: used - optically and technically overhauled!

Manufacturer: Gym80 - Made in Germany

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