FREI Factum® Novus Equipment Park - KGG & MTT Physio Equipment - EAP approved Physiotherapy Physiotherapy Equipment - AS NEW!


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Category Gym Equipment Packages
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brand FREI
Condition Used (as new)
Location Friedrichshafen, Germany
Year of manufacture 2010


Hello from the beautiful Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance,

We are selling our excellently preserved FREI Factum® Novus equipment pool consisting of five combination devices and a medical bicycle ergometer from 2010. Our equipment pool, which is approved for extended outpatient physiotherapy, among other things, consists of

- FREE Factum Novus trunk rotator (NP 11.186,00 €)

- FREE Factum Novus knee bender/knee extender combi (NP 11.840,05 €)

- FREE Factum Novus ab and back trainer (NP 11.840,50 €)

- FREE Factum Novus chest and posture trainer (11.186,00 €)

- FREE Genius Eco function weight set 150KG (NP 6.777,05€)

- FREE Cycle 4000 Med. (NP 3.915,10€)

The new price of the equipment park incl. the computerized control of the devices and special accessories amounted to approx. 65.000,00 € - all invoices are still available.


Our space-saving combination devices in an elegant design are very easy to operate due to the touch screen and the computer control. The hydraulic resistance system is as quiet as a whisper and enables optimal training through biofeedback. Our equipment can be used in all areas: sports, fitness, medical fitness, rehabilitation, therapy and prevention. Agonist and antagonist are trained simultaneously on one machine during a single exercise without changing the machine & in a fluid motion sequence! This saves space, time and energy. Furthermore, only correctly executed movements are counted. Thus a correct training is guaranteed!

If you are interested please contact us by PN.

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Pasquale Petrizzo

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