EMS equipment - various vests, belts and electrodes


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Category EMS Suits
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brand miha bodytec
Condition Used (very good)
Location Nürnberg, Germany
Year of manufacture 2017


From a studio resolution we have to deliver the following:

- Training vests incl. harness used, good condition

- Men: 2x XS, 1x M

- Women: 1x S, 2x M, 1x L

- Training vests incl. wiring harness used, some seams defective

- 1x XS (seams front and back partly defective, Velcro fastener no longer holds optimally )
- 2x S (seams back and front partly defective)
- 1x L (seam back middle partly defective)

:- 2x XS (Velcro no longer holds optimally, seams in front and in the back centre partly defective)
- 2x S (seams in front and in the back right partly defective)


- Po straps NEW:

Size S 2x; Size M 1x

- Po straps used:

Size S: 2x

Size M: 2x

Size L: 2x

Size XL: 1x

leg straps used

Size M: 1 pair

Armstraps used

Size M: 1 pair

Size S: 1 piece

i-Body Straps

1er: 2 pairs

2er: 2 pairs

3er 2 pair

additional electrodes

4 x round

Foot: 4x

Neck: 4x

Gladly self-collection in Nuremberg with previous inspection or delivery after arrangement.

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fitnessmarkt.de services GmbH (im Kundenauftrag)

90408 Nürnberg


0049 911 5219 1910

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