Easy Tourqe Tonus force gauge


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brand TONUS
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Location Osterburken, Germany
Year of manufacture 2011


Measurement, visualization, documentation & archiving of maximum force or torque of all main muscle groups

More and more frequently, the demand for quality control and assurance is being made for training courses. Until some time ago, interest was one-sidedly focused on endurance performance. In the meantime, the assessment of muscular strength has become equally important, not least because of the increasing cost of illness caused by osteoporosis and fall related fractures.

With EasyTorque, a method for the diagnosis of muscular strength is now available that meets all the requirements of a modern, user-friendly and economical system:

Registration of all major muscle groups

Torque measurement (people with different body sizes and lever ratios can be compared)

easy to understand software with individual success control and reference value comparison

automatic data management of the essential parameters

high precision and validity of the measurement

compact architecture

The following muscle groups can be tested:

Abdominal muscles

Back muscles

Front and rear thigh muscles

Hip adductors and abductors

Lateral Flexors

chest and upper back muscles

Arm Extensors and Flexors

The device is very well preserved and little used with suitable software

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Reha Fit Bauland
Werner Hemberger

74706 Osterburken



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