Dr. Wolff Back Check 607, Silver Cushions Yellow - Orange



Dr. Wolff Back Check 607, Silver Upholstery Yellow - Orange

Good condition. Display/touchscreen fully functional, upholstery also in order.

What is the Back Check after Dr.WOLFF?

- The back-check according to Dr.WOLFF is a multi-functional, mobile measuring system for the scientific analysis of the strength ability of different muscle groups.

- The measurement is carried out in an upright position. Under these conditions, which are similar to everyday life, the following parameters relevant to posture are recorded:

- Power ability of the torso muscles: Extensors, flexors, lateral flexors right/left
- Power ability of the upper body muscles: Pressure and tension of the upper extremities

What good is a Dr.WOLFF back-check?

- It is a very promising way to measure "back fitness", which does not take up much time, because the duration of the measurement is only about 30 minutes.

This test can be used to detect muscle weakness and muscle dysbalances in the area of the musculoskeletal system. These muscle dysbalances can be causes of incorrect posture or postural weakness, which in the long term can lead to complaints in the shoulder-neck area or in the worst case to herniated discs.

- Based on the individual results of the back-check, an individual training plan can be created more precisely and specifically.

Installation dimensions:

W 100 x L 136 x H 238 cm

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