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Rare opportunity!

Now for sale the complete inventory of a Ninja warrior inspired functional fitness training centre! The training centre is in operation ´til 16.6.2019, allowing testing and visual inspection of the setup. Possibility to also acquire professionally created brand and signs. Invetnory has been in use only 6 months, so condition is very good!

Here is a unique possibility to join the strongly growing ninja warrior sport movement.

The entirety includes for example:

- 6 -unit Calisthenics cage

- 3 -section Streetworkout cage

- Multifunctional steel cage/balcony for weight training and obstacle training with obstacles

- Heavy duty 305mm bolt-truss competition obstacle track with obstacles

- 7,2 m Supersalmonladder obstacle (ALU truss)

- Falling matresses and boxes for tracks

- Professional running wall ("Warped Wall") 3,90m, 4,26m and 4,56m heights

- Childrens running wall with 2 heights 3,00m and 3,50m

- 5 x 3m Heavy duty Sports trampoline

- Barbell sets 1 -35kg + 2 racks

- Kettlebells 1 – 28kg

- Paralletes, different sizes

- 5 Olympic weightlifting bars + 3 sets of rubbered weights and fast locks

- Heavy duty multi-functional weightlifting benches

- 90 lockers with double keys

 and more...

Please feel free to contact for more information and details! Possibility to include transport and installation in deal, Europe only.

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