Complete gym equipment! Professional gym equipment by L+K Sportgeräte



All machines are new or as new, overhauled by the manufacturer and new covered, in 1A quality and fully operative!

L+K Classic Line

Color of frame: silver metallic
Color of cushions: red


1x 027CL shoulder press, bilateral factory overhauled and re-covered
1x 08CL 5 station tower incl. diagonal pull, lat pull and triceps pull factory overhauled and re-covered 
1x 107CL leg press factory overhauled and re-covered 
1x 044CL leg extension factory overhauled and re-covered
1x 070CL leg curl seated factory overhauled and re-covered
1x 068CL leg curl lying factory overhauled and re-covered 
1x 033CL biceps machine factory overhauled and re-covered
1x 034CL chinning and dip machine new!
1x 120CL lat pulldown new!
1x 076CL back extension factory overhauled and re-covered 
1x S055CL abdominal crunch factory overhauled and re-covered
1x 059CL chest press factory overhauled and re-covered 
1x 108 leg press, 45° new!
1x 104 chest press, horizontal new!
1x 009 upper abdominal machine new!
2x 002 multifunctional bench new!
1x 029 smith machine factory overhauled
1x 105CL Duplex, factory overhauled
1x 017 squat rack new!
1x 007 leg lifter factory overhauled and re-covered 
1x 092 hyperextension, 45° factory overhauled and re-covered 
1x 051 dumbbell rack 4m new!
1x 003 barbell rack new!
1x 232 rack for chrome dumbbells new!
1x 004 weight plates rack new!
2x E7000 Johnson Fitness crosstrainer E7000
1x T8000 Johnson Fitness treadmill T8000

More details about the weights and dumbbells: 

All dumbbells and barbells are new

Dumbbells:            Barbells:
2x 12,50 Kg           1x 12,50 Kg
2x 15,00 Kg           1x 15,00 Kg
2x 17,50 Kg           1x 17,50 Kg
2x 20,00 Kg           1x 20,00 Kg
2x 22,50 Kg           1x 22,50 Kg
2x 25,00 Kg           1x 25,00 Kg
2x 27,50 Kg           1x 27,50 Kg
2x 30,00 Kg           1x 30,00 Kg
2x 32,50 Kg
2x 35,00 Kg
2x 37,50 Kg
2x 40,00 Kg

Chrome dumbbells:         barbells and bars:
2x 1,00 Kg                          1x Olympia barbell
2x 2,00 Kg                          1x EZ-bar
2x 3,00 Kg                          1x wide, angled for lat pull
2x 4,00 Kg                          1x EZ-bar for triceps
2x 5,00 Kg                          2x handles for cable pull 
2x 6,00 Kg
2x 7,00 Kg
2x 8,00 Kg
2x 9,00 Kg
2x 10,00 Kg

Free plates: 800 Kg Olympia plates, rubberized, 50mm incl. rack
8x 1,25 Kg
8x 2,50 Kg
18x 5,00 Kg
16x 10,00 Kg
12x 15,00 Kg
12x 20,00 Kg
4x 25,00 Kg

Shipping: Pick up from stock, can be delivered within Germany for an extra charge. On request, on-site assembly is also possible.

You are welcome to have a look at the machines on site.

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